"Mina Diaz has proven to be a valuable leader in our Vallejo community. She has consistently addressed needs in Vallejo by connecting residents to community agencies. Furthermore, if a need is not being met, she springs into action to bring a sustainable resource to our community. Her leadership and willingness to listen to the community at large coupled with her let’s get to work and find a long term solution attitude is what Vallejo needs in a City Council Member.


I proudly support Mina Diaz for Vallejo City Council District 3 2020"


California Senator 

Bill Dodd 

Senate District 3

Mina Diaz’s proven commitment to accountability will ensure our city government is open and transparent for all. She has both a pragmatic and empathetic insight into the needs of our community and I know her willingness to tackle issues head on will serve the city well. I hope you will join me in supporting Mina Diaz for Vallejo City Council District 3.  


United States Congressman

Mike Thompson

Representing California’s 5th District

"Mina Diaz has been powerful in Vallejo for many years. She has the knowledge, spirit, and human touch we need on the Vallejo City council. 

Mina sees a challenge and takes it head on and solves the problem.  She is the type of fighter we need for Vallejo. On November 3, choose Mina, she is the right choice for City

Council District 3."

Don Jordan 

Realtor and

Realtist. Vallejo

"I met Mina Loera - Diaz in 2016, Since then she has been my business partner and a good friend. I have personally witness all the many contribution she has done for our community and her dedication to help others. She has volunteer for several events in the community and helps as much as she can.  I admire her strength, her courageous voice for the people and her strong leadership skills. She has the passion and drive to represent Vallejo

I trust and support Mina Loera - Diaz for Vallejo City Council District 3."


Isabel Reyes

"As a former Executive Board of Directors member of the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, former Board of Directors member of the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum, former member and Chairperson of the Vallejo Business Alliance, and as a former appointee to the Steering Committee for Participatory Budgeting in Vallejo, I have witnessed the many contributions of Mina Diaz on behalf of citizens of Vallejo for many years.  Her leadership skills have always been apparent and I have always considered Mina to be that rare type of person who "walks her talk."  I fully endorse her candidacy for City Council District 3, and as a resident of that district for over 20 years, I am delighted to have the opportunity to cast my vote for her.  

Viva Mina Diaz!"

~ David Gonzalez

"As a resident of District 5 it is important to me that each District elect a representative of equal skill and character to navigate the intricacies of District governance to avoid any further division and isolation of resources. Mina Diaz has the character, passion, and drive to represent all of Vallejo and to help pioneer the best practices for how District representatives can be strong advocates for their District's needs while understanding the importance of the universal "fit" of those needs for all of Vallejo. I trust, support, and endorse Mina Diaz for Vallejo City Council, District 3. It is time for her decades of sacrifice, hard work, and advocacy to be rewarded with the seat on Council she has earned." 

- Mike Pendergast


"We as a local community and on the national level are seeing and experiencing challenging times that require Servant Leadership. We need leadership that has exemplified this quality in service to the greater Vallejo community for many years. We need a creative “can-do” collaborator, unafraid to stand alone and speak out when necessary to move towards the vision of a Vallejo that is inclusive of our diverse communities

With new district-based elections, something that I have advocated for twenty years, I am excited to stand with and support Mina Diaz for City Council in District 3 (East Vallejo/Glen Cove) in the 2020 election. 

I ask that you support the people’s candidate and vote Mina Diaz, District 3 City Council."


Calvin Harrell, Jr.

Citizen District 3

Local-Vallejo Business Owner


"I support Mina Diaz in the District 3 City Council election. She is a selfless, public servant who has spent years helping the city and her community.  Mina will listen to the people of our city, do the work, look to the results and stand her ground to stay on a financially sound, united path for the entire community. I trust Mina and her enthusiasm for public service is what we need right now.  She brings people together, the defining character issue in a city blessed with our diversity.  Please vote."


Dave Shipley


"As a long time Valleojan I have seen the changes in the city, we need a person that understands changes needed and equal representation to all. I endorse and support Mina Diaz because I know she will represent us and our best interest. Vote Mina for Council District 3. 


Carlos Solorzano, Small Business Owner in Vallejo since 1989.

Former Small Business Commissioner and Former Human Rights Commissioner


Soy un residente de Vallejo desde hace muchos años, he visto los cambios de la ciudad, nosotros necesitamos una persona que nos represente por igual a todos. Yo apoyo a Mina Diaz para Concejal del Distrito 3. Voten por ella. "


Carlos Solorzano, 

Empresario en Vallejo desde 1989.

"Mina’s mission is to work with others to create a City that is an amazing place to live, a wonderful place to grow up in, and a great place to grow old in.  If this is the City you want, then vote for Mina Diaz!"

- JD Miller

Mina Diaz is a woman of Integrity and Determination. She shares my passion for wanting to see equal representation of our community members in all aspects of our city. Mina listens to our community, takes notes of the resident's needs, and immediately forms a plan of action to address the needs by collaborating with local agencies. She leads by example by doing the work continuously and without compensation. I support Mina Diaz Candidacy for Vallejo City Council District 3. 

- Eloise Scott

Mina is one of those special people who always seek to address the needs of her community by active engagement


Mina has become a pillar of our community. She works tirelessly to reach out to diverse communities by providing access to advanced learning and by encouraging citizens to take on a greater civic role to ensure that their voices are heard.


Mina has always spoken truth to power. She has never retreated when the going gets tough (tuff!). She has always lived up to her slogan of “my voice is your voice.”


Mina has a full spectrum of skills sets, engagement, speaking (in two languages), and attention to detail. While her goal is to work collectively for the common good, she does not “go along to get along.” You can depend on Mina to always speak her mind.


Miguel Castillo

When people support you and depend on your leadership for the well-being of their families.  

Thank you Enedina for sending me this picture. ❤️

#UnitedWeAreStronger. #Mina2020



Cuando las personas te apoyan y dependen de tu liderazgo para el bienestar de sus familias.

Gracias Enedina por Enviarme esta foto. ❤️

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