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We are currently living through a worldwide pandemic and recession that has left many residents unemployed, facing eviction and not having enough money to provide basic needs for their families. These are some of the reasons why I oppose Measure G.

Measure G proposes a sales tax increase that would change our current city tax rate from 8.375% to 9.125%. This proposed tax increase will affect us all. Among some of the most affected residents will be those that are retired, on fixed income, low income, and the elderly.

Measure G will hurt the local economy. This proposed tax increase will make us noncompetitive, new businesses will not be attracted to Vallejo and our current small business will find it difficult to sustain themselves. Vallejo will have the highest tax rate compared to some of our neighboring cities within our County and other Counties.

Neighboring Cities Tax Rates vs Vallejo Tax Rates

City Name Current Tax Rate Measure G

Vallejo 8.375% 9.125%

American Canyon 7.75% 7.75%

Benicia 8.375% 8.375%

Fairfield 8.375% 8.375%

Suisun 8.375% 8.375%

Vacaville 8.125% 8.125%

Please join me in voting no on Measure G in November.


The economic well being of our community is imperative to moving Vallejo forward. 

  • Investing in our small owner operated businesses by ensuring they have the tools and support they need to sustain and grow, will allow them to comfortably contribute to Vallejo's economy. 

  • Encourage companies to choose Vallejo as their home by building and improving our infrastructure.

  • Allow for real community input and engagement.


Safe Neighborhoods are a key component of a Strong City.

  • Transparency, accountability and timely communication in all departments within our City is a must. There are 23 police misconduct suits pending against the Vallejo Police Department today. We must adopt a new model for an independent oversight committee, where our residents' voice is heard, where community safety for all residents is a priority and where we focus on reforming our Police Department. 

  • We must look closely at the root cause of our crime and implement a plan that will allow a collaboration between nonprofits, our community and our local law enforcement. 

  • Our city has faced several fires in the last year. Education on prevention and staying safe is critical. Every second matters. We must ensure that all areas of our city have adequate response times.  


A united community is a prosperous community. 

  • We must invest in our youth. It is our responsibility as a city to establish and sustain programs that will give our youth an equal opportunity at a better life. If we invest in our children, we all win.

  • Strengthen partnerships between the city, community and non-profit organizations. This will ensure that there is equal representation for everyone. 

  • Teamwork is imperative between the Vallejo City Unified School District, our City representatives. 

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