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The Change Vallejo Needs



My family and I have lived in Vallejo for over 36 years. My parents, siblings and many other family members also live here. I have raised my three children in this beautiful city and now I have a grandson that is also calling Vallejo his home. During the time we have lived here, 32 of those years have been in East Vallejo. I am extremely vested in seeing our city prosper and have worked diligently in making Vallejo a better place for everyone. 


After working for Napa, Solano and Contra Costa County for over 28 years, I retired from my position as an Employment Case Manager from Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services in 2017 and started working fulltime as a Realtor with RE/MAX Gold. Prior to 2017. I had worked in real estate for 7 years on a part time basis as I worked for the County. 


I am a businesswoman that understands the financial challenges we are facing and the need to bring businesses that will contribute to the recovery of our economy. As a Realtor I also understand the shortage of affordable housing our residents are facing. I have a track record of making hard decisions that are based on facts and taking into consideration how it will affect everyone involved. 

As a community Advocate/Activist I will fight for everyone’s voice to be heard. As your representative on the City Council I will always vote according to my conscious and not based on special interest or personal agendas. My goal is to have a transparent government that provides timely communication and puts the needs of ALL residents as a priority. A city where everyone can feel safe and prosperous, whose economically driven government can attract businesses that will provide employment to our residents. 


Teamwork is imperative in moving our city forward. Let’s build a city that we can be proud of, a city that takes care of its residents and puts their needs first, a city that our children and future generations can live in feeling safe with a sense of dignity and pride.


If you are looking for a representative of the people, a candidate that will bring forward everyone’s voice, someone that will vote based on facts and advocate for transparency in our city, then you will vote for Mina Diaz on November 3rd 2020. 


I would be honored to earn your vote.


Mina Diaz For City Council 2020 District 3

Support Mina Diaz Grass roots Campaign

The city of Vallejo will have District elections starting November 2020. Prior to this, our elections were "at large" meaning that residents could vote for any candidate regardless of where they lived. District elections require that Vallejo residents can only vote for candidates that are running and live in their district. 

Districts 1, 3 and 6 are up for election in November 2020. In 2022 Districts 2, 4 and 5 will have elections. I am running for District 3 which is the green section of the map. 

Please remember that although you cannot vote for candidates not running for your District, you can still support them in many other ways. The decisions being made on the council will require a majority vote. All council members and the Mayor will be deciding in what direction to take the city, so it's important to have people who will make the decisions that will benefit our city and ALL residents.



The economic well being of our community is imperative to moving Vallejo forward. 

  • Investing in our small owner operated businesses by ensuring they have the tools and support they need to sustain and grow, will allow them to comfortably contribute to Vallejo's economy. 

  • Encourage companies to choose Vallejo as their home by building and improving our infrastructure.

  • Allow for real community input and engagement.


Safe Neighborhoods are a key component of a Strong City.

  • Transparency, accountability and timely communication in all departments within our City is a must. There are 23 police misconduct suits pending against the Vallejo Police Department today. We must adopt a new model for an independent oversight committee, where our residents' voice is heard, where community safety for all residents is a priority and where we focus on reforming our Police Department. 

  • We must look closely at the root cause of our crime and implement a plan that will allow a collaboration between nonprofits, our community and our local law enforcement. 

  • Our city has faced several fires in the last year. Education on prevention and staying safe is critical. Every second matters. We must ensure that all areas of our city have adequate response times.  


A united community is a prosperous community. 

  • We must invest in our youth. It is our responsibility as a city to establish and sustain programs that will give our youth an equal opportunity at a better life. If we invest in our children, we all win.

  • Strengthen partnerships between the city, community and non-profit organizations. This will ensure that there is equal representation for everyone. 

  • Teamwork is imperative between the Vallejo City Unified School District, our City representatives. 


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Support Mina Diaz Grass Roots Campaign 

Mina Diaz


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